Cindy Foltyn

Editor, Culture & Society

You Plant Corn, You get Corn

If there were not something very wrong with the world, there would be no need for a publication such as this one.

The narratives of the dominant culture are inadequate for identifying our problems and assessing their causes, which is why they repeatedly fail to provide resolutions. These narratives generally serve to obfuscate the causes of problems, as their overriding interest lies in protecting and propagandizing the dominant culture to perpetuate the status quo.

The dominant cultural narrative repels closer examination by insisting that all of the problems we face are exceptions to its rules or come from outside of its wholesome goodness.  In essence, it says, “We didn’t plant this corn that grew.”

I begin with a perspective that places the responsibility for the system’s failures where it belongs, with the system itself.  We will be looking at cultural issues from a critical perspective. 

The idea is to challenge the dominant narratives, identify problems, examine their causes, and grapple with potential solutions.




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