Dave Nalle

editor of POLITICS


Areas of Interest

  • Austin Community College, Austin, TX 
  • The University of Texas, Austin, TX 
  •  Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
  • City, University of London, London, UK
  • drama
  • graphic design
  • history
  • languages
  • politics
  • teaching
  • travel

Occupational Highlights

  • Owner of Frontcraft/Ragnarok, a game & book publishing company
  • Owner & Lead Designer in Scriptorum Fonts, a graphic design company 
  • Consultant for Liberty Torch Political Consulting
  • Communications Director for Travis County Republican Party
  • Publications Director for Libertarian Party
  • National Chairman of Republican Liberty Caucus
  • President of Manor Lions Club
  • Lead Designer for Stone Ring Games 
  • Instructor at Austin Community College, Austin, TX
  • Instructor at the University of Texas, Austin, TX
  • Editor of Politics at Blogcritics.org.

Influences include

Everything we hear is an opinion.  Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.


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