All Creatures Great and Small

The grand design may be both blind and impersonal , but it is also the great leveler. It is just as much at work, and in the same way, in all creatures great and small, even the lowly spider.

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State of the Union Circa 2020 – Part IV

. . . there is no longer a representative democracy, nor is there a republic. Instead, there’s only a power elite – the ghost of C. Wright Mills come alive – a dynasty whose reign is likely to be perpetuated election after election, ad infinitum.

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Two Polish Films

If you’ve been looking for something new and different in movies, anything which departs from the usual emphasis on special effects, constant remakes (e.g., The Dark Knight, 2008), and endless Indiana Jones sequels – in short, the kind of output to which we’re being treated lately by our Hollywood studios – may I suggest a couple of

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The Concept of Economic Development

What do we mean when we speak of economic development or, by extension, of economic growth? Do we have a clear idea, or are they just buzzwords we tend to parrot now and then since they’ve become a part of everyday economic jargon?

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