A Tribute To Dave Nalle

A Tribute To Dave Nalle

It is with great sorrow that we acknowledge the passing of David Nalle, a longtime friend and colleague from Blogcritics and Facebook.

I’ve known Dave since the 2000s when Blogcritics accepted me as a prospective contributor.  He was the editor of the Politics section at the time, at which post he remained until the very end, while BC still featured politics front and center.

Dave was a conscientious editor, and along with many of his other colleagues, Nils Florman and Gordon Miller, to name but a few, he had helped me hone my writing skills to have become a far more proficient writer, well beyond my expectations.  And since most of my submissions concerned the subject matter of politics, it is mostly to him that I owe my gratitude.  At times, our views were diametrically opposite, but not once had he corrected me regarding content.  It was always a matter of style and clarity of expression for Dave.

Ever since I conceived of constructing a website that would approximate the intent and spirit of the Blogcritics of old, it was mainly Dave Nalle and others like him who had served as an inspiration.  Absent the privilege of knowing you, of our butting of heads more often than not, this project would have been a nonstarter.  Fortunately, most of you have offered a word of encouragement, and Dave Nalle was one of the first.   He had graciously accepted the prospective position of Editor of Politics – a position he was uniquely qualified for – in the would-be upstart.  He had gone further in recommending Maggie Perkins as would-be editor of Food & Fashion, for which I was immensely grateful as well.  The rest is history.

Sadly, we won’t reap the benefits of Dave Nalle’s careful guidance and wisdom, but his spirit will always remain.

 I propose that we name Dave Editor of Politics In Perpetuity.

Roger Nowosielski, Edtor, Views from Abroad

This one really hurts!

Our longtime friend and one of the primary movers of Blogcritics as politics editor, Dave Nalle — an acute mind, a strong and potent force just about my own age — passed away yesterday from COVID. 

I’m filled with rage and sorrow at this terrible and rapacious disease that is still running rampant, destroying lives and families.

Our prayers are with his family. There is now a hole that will never be filled.

Eric Olsen, Editor-At-Large

On the way to the hospital, with labored breath, Dave said to me, “We are happy.” How do you top that? It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

There isn’t enough room or time to share all of Dave’s ways brought joy to my life. I am so honored that he shared with me a side of him not many got to see. So though I admired his intelligence, his wit, his dedication to his daughters, his family, community, and individual as well, it’s a little of the private Dave of whom I offer a peek. We were far from perfect but delightfully imperfect together. We had a damned great time. I had the too brief but incredible good fortune to walk with Dave in life. When he took my hand and bounced down the stone path and through the gate, it was on from our first date. He’d snuck a kiss behind the back of Lion’s Club, and that was that, no looking back! We spent every day that we were together in the same state. Every day!

He showed me unconditional love. I thought it was a cliche until then. He was so patient with my reluctance, my orneriness, and my occasional testiness. He just saw me in my best light and refused to give up on me. He held a mirror up to me and asked me to see in myself what he saw in me, never knowing that that’s what it would take to survive his loss.

I am a kinder, more patient, more charitable, and generous person because he was. I am a smarter, stronger, braver, more courageous woman because he reminded me who I am almost every day.

                                            i carry your heart with me(i carry it in

my heart) i am never without it (anywhere

 i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done

                                           by only me is your doing, my darling)

E. Cummings’ Love Poem

Maggie PerkinsEditor, Food & Fashion

Dave was my favorite Libertarian. I always looked forward to the posts on his page. And I was never surprised that his opinions had heart.

Cindy Foltyn,  Editor, Society & Culture

Just found a person I’ve known since about 2005 through writing and online has been taken by COVID 19. No underlying conditions, never smoked, and was in excellent physical health! 

I looked at some of his last posts just now – and damn if he wasn’t who he always was — smart and intelligent with joy for putting fools in their place. I don’t think we agreed on much politically. He couldn’t understand my loving universal healthcare, and I never got the gun thing, but he wasn’t knee-jerk about anything and taught me how to think and express myself in my early years at Blogcritics. 

Also, we had a mutual love of The Clash which goes a long way towards crossing all borders. So from the diplomat son/lead singer of The Clash Joe Strummer to the diplomat son Dave Nalle, here’s  “Kick It Over” — a song I know he loved. 

RIP Dave.

Richard Raphael Bran Marcus, a Blogcritics colleague, and FB friend

I woke this morning to a message that Dave Nalle, an electronic friend of about 15 years standing, has died of Covid. 

I worked and locked horns with Dave first as a fellow writer, editor, and commenter on the online magazine Blogcritics, then later on Facebook. As a libertarian and a Republican Party activist, he had a lot to say with which I disagreed vehemently. But he was a man of honesty and integrity too. In recent years he had become a vocal opponent of Trump and the scourge of Trumpism and fought hard to try to rid it from the party he loved. He was exactly the sort of person the GOP needed during the last four years and precisely the sort of person it can’t afford to lose now.

Dave was admitted to the hospital a couple of weeks ago and was receiving the best of care, but the virus got to his lungs and ravaged them to such an extent that there was no recovering from it. This disease respects no one. His life partner had it, felt lousy for a few weeks, and then got better. 

Dave lived an active life, ate healthily, didn’t drink or smoke, and took all recommended precautions, but SARS-CoV-2 still got him. Just be careful, everyone, while you must be. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but a train can still hit you from behind. 

Rob Knaggs (Dr. Dreadful), Comments Editor @Blogcritics and FB friend

For anyone who missed the latest post: my friend and journalist colleague, Dave Nalle, didn’t make it. He passed away on Sunday, Australian time.

So dreadful! Sensible and smart Dave, of all people!  I’m heartsick. 

Stan Denham (the Silver Fox), an old-time friend from Blogcritics and FB

Another sad loss…

Rest in Freedom, Dave.

Christopher Rose, Comments Editor @ Blogcritics 

I am so sad to hear about Dave’s loss. When I first came on board at BC, he was so supportive and helpful. May he rest in peace! 

Victor LanaCulture and Society Editor @ Blogcritics

My friend Dave Nalle has passed after a vicious battle with COVID19, and I’m speechless.

God bless his family and loved ones!

Dave did everything right, and this is totally unfair. If I see anyone not wearing a mask near me or talking hoax crap, I might punch them. 

Dawn Olsena Blogcritics colleague and FB friend

It is with a heavy heart that I share the terrible news. Dave Nalle passed away today from Covid-19. He was a gentleman, a great intellect, and a fighter until the end. 

Dave was a Republican with a true grasp of our Constitution and a lover of freedom & Liberty. I believe he shined a light on the knuckleheads in the GOP while never straying from his support for limited government and decency within the party. He also supported Amash.

Rest in peace, Dave!

Lisa McAllister, a FB friend

a very tragic loss. been thinking about him a lot today, and realizing how truly unique he was. i don’t want to reduce him to a political stance, so will just say he was honest and intelligent and damn good at being human. fuck covid.

Jesee Stychen (zingzing), a Blogcritics colleague and FB friend

I just found out that a fellow editor at Blogcritics (where I used to work) just passed away from Covid-19 at the age of 62. Before this, according to his close friends, he never drank or smoked and played tennis as often as he could. When he contracted Covid, he was put on a ventilator for two weeks, but his lungs became so damaged that doctors were about to put him on the list for a lung transplant. 

Kit O’Toolea Blogcritics colleague and FB friend

It’s with great sadness that we mourn the loss of my friend, Dave Nalle, who lost his battle with Covid-19. 

For a long time, Dave was chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus and a proud libertarian. This meant we clashed often. 

Without a doubt, we disagreed on a great deal many things — you could say we were adversaries without being adversarial. But he was kind and gentle. 

And through it, we managed to respect our differences: as Dave famously used to say, “If you find yourself going beyond policy disagreements with your political opponents and have to portray them as the worst possible human beings, essentially inhuman monsters, there is something very wrong with your politics”—recently in a January conversation, we both agreed, that attitude was being tested, stretched to the limit over the last four years, with our shared political enemies.

Ironically it was through his font business and not politics that we actually met in 2008/9. One of the typefaces of my original business logo was one of Dave’s fonts.

And bloody tennis! When I visited with him in Austin, we went out to a bar Downtown. He cut it short because he had a tennis game to play! 

I had hoped he’d pull through.

Jim Coopera friend

I hope that everyone who will care is already aware of this fact, but on the off chance that some might not know, my online friend Dave Nalle passed away a couple of weeks ago due to complications from COVID. Those who may not immediately know who Dave was started and ran the Liberty First page that I have been sharing content for the past 4-5 years. 

The most difficult part of being banned for the last 30 days was having to watch the posts about Dave catching COVID, going into the hospital, passing away all within two weeks, and not participating in any of the posts memorializing him.

We did not see eye to eye on too many topics, because contrary to what his detractors would have you believe, he wasn’t a bleeding heart liberal, but I learned a lot from him over the years and had a lot of respect for him, and I still feel his loss, and shed tears over him almost daily. 

RIP Dave. I never met you in person, but I’ll never forget you, my friend. And I’m trying really hard not to lay the blame for your death at the feet of Greg Abbott and the Republican Party that you dedicated your life to championing, but God damn, is it difficult!

Jarrod Raffertya FB friend

We lost Dave Nalle to COVID yesterday. Most of us knew him as a rational beacon of light during irrational political times and a thoughtful force for Liberty. He was also a father, life partner, fierce political fighter, philosopher, historian, font-maker, and an accomplished author with many books and games to his name. He was the founder of Republicans for Gary Johnson, which later became Liberty First. We hope to follow his example and the path he blazed for us. Please pray for his family and loved ones.

Liberty Firsta political organization


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